Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Purple & Turquoise: The Colors of Fall

Often times I select a color to be my “signature” for the season, both in fashion and decorating.  Usually it has nothing to do with current trends, but rather based on my mood.  However one of my season’s colors happens to coincide with one of two colors I feel will be especially trendy this fall.  This season I'll be using more purple tones, and I think if you look carefully, you'll see both purple and turquoise playing a major role in the colors used this fall.

Questions always arise as to the whys and hows color trends come about.  What follows are my thoughts and analysis on such questions.  Additionally, I will provide suggestions as to how you can use these colors yourself.


Plum always makes an appearance in the fall, but I feel that plum, indigo, grape, and possibly even in deep violet will be heavily utilized this coming season.  Why purple?  Purple offers a feeling of relaxation and comfort.  With ties to fruits like grapes, plums, black currants, and pomegranates, purple offers a feeling of abundance and recalls the images of a good harvest.  Purple is popularly associated with wealth and luxury.  In a time when luxury is imprudent, the simple use of purple can give the impression of wealth without the investment.

I’m not a fan of this color, yet I feel it may make a comeback this fall.  Jewel tones frequently show up around this time of year, but jewels have the obvious association with spending, and as thrift is an ongoing trend, I think jewel tones may not be at the forefront this year.  But turquoise isn’t so much a jewel.  It’s more of a gemstone, and gemstones have done quite well in the jewelry market due to their affordability, yet still make a splash and sparkle despite their lower cost.  Turquoise, as a member of the blue family, offers a calming effect, while still giving a pop of color.  It also has ties to the 1950s to early 1960s, imparting an air of sophistication and optimism.

There is a relationship between the colors that trend and the major events society goes through.  In this case continued economic turmoil influences the colors we choose to use in fashion, accessories, home furnishings, decor, and even advertising.

So how can you use these colors?  There are a variety of ways to use each.  While keeping financial constraints in mind, the more cost effective options include wall paint, small accessories, smaller home accents, and the occasional “basic piece” for fashion.  Your best bet is to pair these trendy colors with larger, neutrally toned items you may otherwise own.

Consider a purple vase or a turquoise lamp instead of a couch or chair. 

Perhaps plum colored gloves or a turquoise head band instead of a major investment piece like a dress or coat?  

Painting your walls is a great way to refresh a room with minimal costs.

All that said, occasionally a splurge is necessary a nice treat… Perhaps on Kate Spade?

In summary, purple and turquoise are so easy to use, you have no excuse not to be seen using purple and turquoise this fall.  Besides, MObama thinks you should.


I hope this helps you when you're planning on your fall colors!  Consider yourself informed and trend-ready!

As a quick side note, though slightly related, I did an interview for with Project Runway: Season 4's Johnathan Kayne as a precursor to the American Cancer Society's Cure By Design event that took place this past Friday.  For more information on trends, fashion, the fashion industry, design, and of course Kayne, please check it out!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And so we begin...

Henry David Thoreau went and lived on a pond for two years to teach himself how to truly live a life of purpose and to the fullest.  He pared down his personal belongings to the most basic necessaries and lived a life in which he, just as an angler casts his line into the water for fish, cast his mind into the cosmos for enlightenment.  To Thoreau, a human’s most important task is to live, not merely to exist; to suck out all the marrow of life.

With that in mind, I write this blog with the intention of sharing the things that spark my interest and that help me live life to the fullest.  While I have no intention of moving into a shack in the woods on a pond, I will use this blog to share things that I enjoy, that make me happy.

The list is quite long, and naturally (as it is me,) a bit unfocused diverse.  Topics include design, interior d├ęcor, architecture, entertainment, music, books, shopping, travel, photography, my fixations, addictions, and guilty pleasures, food, drink, delving into the city I love, RVA, my family and friends, my upcoming art and photography projects, social media, advertising, social consciousness, the beauty of the world around us, enlightenment, and maybe even my cat, Jonah.

Entries will vary from long, drawn out, essay-like posts to pictures with little to no commentary.  They may include videos, playlists, links, etc.  This weblog will not be anything too personal—I will not write anything that would leave me in fear for my career and livelihood.  It will be something that both my boss and my grandmother(s) could read without getting up in arms.  It will be PG-13 and safe for work.  Admittedly, showing restraint when it comes to language will be an arduous task—newsflash to people who may not know me in a social setting or who are hearing impaired and/or lack the skill of lip reading: I have the mouth of a sailor.  I’m still a good Southern girl; I just have a wider, more colorful vocabulary than most.

And so we begin, dear readers, whoever you might be.

Today I challenge you to live your life with time as your companion, with every moment savored—not wasted or killed, but celebrated.  Get to marrow sucking, friends!