Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Name That Storm!

It's been a while since I've last posted, and no, I'm not going to address my blog laziness. Needless to say,

I'm not even going to discuss the purple Tina Turner wig Elton's wearing. It's here and it's queer, get used to it.

It's still winter, despite a Pennsylvanian groundhog's prediction, confused crocuses, jonquils, and foxgloves (I wish I'd thought to snap some pics!), and my friend Karri's terror/joy of possible snow.

And with winter comes winter storms, all of which the Weather Channel has independently decided to name. As irritating as it is to have a television station unilaterally decide that all storms will have names we're all supposed to address the storms by, the names themselves have been FANTASTIC.

So far, we've had:


I don't care if they've spelled it differently.

I was only disappointed that the 'J' storm was not named 'Jafar.' How badass would that have been???



Since we're nearing spring/global warming, it's possible we may not see these storms left on the list, even though their names are equally amazing:


Skipping the scissoring joke.


I'm hoping for a Winter Storm Boo Boo next winter.


Incidentally, there was also a Winter Storm Athena,

Who is Triton's dearly departed wife and Ariel's mother in Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

Now obviously they're going with a lot Greek/Roman gods and goddesses and Shakespearian characters (because when I think snow, I think of Shakespeare.) And all of the names are pretty cool, with the exception of Ukko, which is just begging to be added to the blooper reel after some poor weather girl accidentally says, 'Fuck-o' on the air. But the best name by far is the storm current burying eastern California and western Nevada: Winter Storm Q.

And I immediately thought of/made this:

You're welcome, world.

While we're on the subject of snow, my family and I have this fun tradition: Whenever it snows where ever one of us might be, that person calls the other family members and sings the opening lines of "Snow" from "White Christmas." It's off-key, it's silly, and I love it. It never fails to make me smile!

So while spring is on the way and I'm really looking forward to not having heating bills for $124 (hey, eff you 103 year old house with poorly sealed door and windows,) I can't help but feel a little sad that we haven't had a really good snow yet this season.
We got enough for me to make a mini-snowman at a bus stop near my place, which was great, because I'm actually 10.

Still, I'd like one more really good, deep, city paralyzing snow. Maybe Winter Storm Rocky won't disappoint?

And yes, I'm going to blog more often.


  1. OOOOH! Can I be the Fourth Tone? Can I?

    You're such a Smarty-Pants for thinking up all these things, and actually conjuring up the proper pictures.

    And I LOVE snow. I hate that it's dangerous and invonceniences people, but my disliking it wouldn't do a thing to start cars and dig out wheels.

    Glad you're back.

    And how in the blue heck did I scroll down to comment, and end up in Betty White's big ole wineglass? Wonders never cease.

    1. Not sure how this happened, but my comments didn't pop up on my dashboard. So now I'm retroactively making you the 4th one--more than welcome! <3

  2. See now BOTH of you two are back and I'm feeling the pressure. Great post. You do stream of consciousness better 'n Joyce, girl! And yes, Rachel, you can certainly be the 4th tone. Not Bing, though. I have the lowest tone of the family, so I'm always Bing. ;-)

    1. Yes, there is lots of pressure. LOTS!