Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Edward Snowden = Carmen Sandiego

Edward Snowden is Carmen Sandiego.

No, no! WAIT! I know what you're thinking, but stick with me for a minute!


He stole something from the Chief.

Read: The US. And they want to capture the thief and get back that which was stolen.

Snowden has international syndicate of people helping him get around the world and cover his tracks, so as to prevent apprehension.


Read: China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Wikileaks, etc. Obviously Russia is Eartha Brute.

There's a gaggle of teenage gumshoes (at times in raspberry berets!) trying to catch him.

Read: The FBI and NSA.

And no matter how much people shout at the gumshoes, they just can't manage to find him.

One of the main sources of shouting from my early childhood. QATAR IS NOT EAST OF INDIA, YOU DERP!!!

His name even syncs with the theme song.

Even as an adult, I hear something else when they sing, 'on a slow boat to China.'

Given all of this information, PBS has more than prepared the US for this manhunt, but has equally prepared Edward Snowden for evading capture.


Edward Snowden = Carmen Sandiego.


  1. You are the funniest and cleverest kid I know.

  2. U echo your Dear Mom. Well not QUITE. But you're the FACKIK outside MY family. And that's sayin' sump'n.

    love and,


    1. Hahaha, that is a high compliment indeed! Thanks Ms. R!

  3. Did you know that U and I are right together on this _)(*^*^()+_ keyboard?